The first edition of the MDO.MONTECARLO PRIZE 2019 awarded 39 special distinctions to companies nominated by the scientific committee of the prize.  All the nominated companies have been carefully evaluated by the jury which met in Monaco on December 29th and 30th, 2019.


Bongio (Italy), Caimi Brevetti (Italy), Clipso (France), Cosentino (Spain), Dan Dryer (Denmark), De Sede (Switzerland), Elica (Italy), Ernestomeda (Italy), Eyrise (Netherlands), Eterno Ivica (Italy), Eurorama (Italy), Fabita (Italy), Giorgetti (Italy), iGuzzini (Italy), Interface (USA), Irsap (Italy), Its Todini (Italy), Lu Murano (Italy), Marazzi (Italy), Martinelli (Italy), Monteleone (Italy), Muratto (Portugal), Nito (Italy), Occhio (Germany), Officina della Scala (Italy), Panzeri (Italy), PLH (Italy), Pratic (Italy), Ritzwell (Japan),  Siematic (Germany), Sublidot (Switzerland)Tajima (Japan), Teckell (Italy), Tojo (Germany), Scarabeo (Italy), Sicis (Italy), Sublidot (Switzerland), Vasco (Belgium), Venini (Italy), Zumi (Belgium).