All companies entering the competition will have their own digital exhibition space to present themselves and interact with other participants and visitors at the International Conference.

The exhibition room will be divided into pre-installed customizable modular spaces equipped with an LCD screen for projecting webpages, corporate videos, projects and products’ images.

It will be a brightly lit and flexible setting designed to encourage socializing and interaction.

To optimize opportunities for BtoB meetings, the organizers are proposing a turnkey concept including installation, a catering service, Internet connection, online and offline communication, invitations to the convention and participation in the awards ceremony.

It is hoped that at least one representative from the participating companies, sponsors and partners will attend the two-day Exhibition-Conference.

The awards ceremony planned to be held on 25th November 2022 will be held at the end of the two-day exhibition that is part of the official event.




The “MAKE&CREATE” International Conferences will be open to all representatives of the nominated companies and any other international operators, professionals and university staff interested in signing up for the event.

Industry is by definition the realm of making, producing and building, where creativity unfolds in the realms of knowledge, imagination and artistic drive. On one hand we have industrial rationality and on the other design, a new kind of culture that appeared on the scene some time ago and has transformed products into an artform.

Nevertheless, the relationship between the two is often transformed and upturned in post-modern society. Today’s cutting-edge technology has given industrial products their own stylistic quality and efficiency, while design is often a key player in industrial production that uses the form of objects to develop their technical-economic quality.

The "MAKE&CREATE" Exhibition-Conferences will investigate both sides of this culture of ours, focusing on its crossovers and progression, while casting a glance into the future when the relationship between industry and design will inevitably take on new balances and perspectives.

There will be two days of debate and interaction led by university staff, business people, designers and journalists, who will set up a unique and prestigious platform of interaction and exchange between industry, culture and design.