Media Partners - 2019 Edition


l’Arca International is the first magazine published in three languages (French/Italian/English) entirely devoted to the world of modern-day design. Architecture, design and visual communication are the focal points of every single issue.1986, Cesare Maria Casati, set up the publishing house l’Arca Edizioni Spa and the magazine l’Arca in Milan. 1994 the editor and the businessman from Monaco, Edmond Pastor, create of the publishing and events management company S.A.M. MDO based in Monte Carlo and l’Arca International, a two-monthly edition of l’Arca published in French/English. 2012, the quest towards innovation and change resulted in one single edition in three languages called l’Arca International being published by S.A.M. MDO in Monte Carlo. Going against the grain of pre-established trends, preconceived visions or dominant styles, l’Arca International has now gained itself a privileged niche in specialist publishing of the highest quality, attracting a growing number of readers among professionals, architects, designers, business people and architecture enthusiasts. 


Monthly news magazine in the Principality, La Gazette de Monaco is one of the oldest independent publications covering the politics, economics, cultural, sporting news… of the country. Also active on its website and social media, La Gazette de Monaco has been at the forefront of information since its creation in 1977.


Monaco Imprese is the magazine for Italian entrepreneurs in Monaco. Leader in the principality since 2007, it is the benchmark economic support for Italian businessmen and Monegasque residents. Published quarterly in a bilingual version, it targets a high-end international readership linked to the business world. Monaco Imprese is an AIIM publication produced by MEDIA PARTNER.